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Do you want to have a professional website design that you are in control of? Are you worried that your developer will take over your website? Do you find yourself researching ‘how to manage my website professionally and efficiently’? Have you heard about WordPress? 

How a WordPress Website Design Allows You To Control Your Website

WordPress website design is one of the biggest CMS systems. According to Forbes ‘WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web supporting more than 60 million websites’ but businesses still do not know how powerful WordPress is and why they should be using it. Not only does it have user-friendly mobile website design software, it was also (according to Usage Statistics) ‘ used by more than 29.4% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2018’. This isn’t surprising giving all of its success stories. So, why are many businesses still not using WordPress?

WordPress is super user-friendly allowing both the web developer and the business owner full access to work on the site together for the best results. WordPress allows the business owner to build a modern efficient website, without having a huge amount of knowledge about website development. It allows you to easily create your own domain and the overall look of your website. The inbuilt alerts will inform you of any errors with your site, allowing you to keep your site up-to-date and working. If you find these errors to be too technical, then you can get a web developer to quickly and efficiently fix the errors. Controlling your website will take a lot of time and work, but WordPress has a user-friendly system to help reduce the time and knowledge needed to control and manage your website. Plus, if you have a web developer then you can make controlling your website work whilst still having time to manage your business.   

How To Create and Control Your Website Content

Thankfully WordPress’ user-friendly software makes it incredibly easy to manage your website content. You can easily add, alter or remove content and then publish it straight away with just one click. You can even do this from your mobile phone and without the need to have HTML coding skills. WordPress also has a date log of who accessed the site, on what date and what changes were made. You don’t need to write your website content yourself to control it either,  you can outsource content such as guest blog posts. Your on-page content is one of your main on-site features, so it’s important you know how to manage it. 

The Difference Between The Web Developer and Web Owner

There is a big difference between the website owner and the website developer. These differences are key to a successful site. The owner of the website has the final say, they control the content and the overall look of the website, whereas the web developer makes all of this happen for the website owner – they build the website that the owner wants. The trouble with technology is that it is forever changing, meaning your site will forever need updating. This can often take a long time, so it is important you trust your developer to make sure your site is kept up-to-date, without changing the overall look and content of your site. A developer can also create templates for you to make it easier and simpler to update your content. You work with the developer to create and manage a successful site that you have complete control over.

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