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We’ve all encountered the experts in the pub. The ones who hold court at the bar and dispense wisdom about the finer points of stripping down carburettors, repairing lawn mowers, or fixing the electrics in their home. But what that probably means is they once had a specific problem and were shown that specific solution.

The point is, if you want something done properly, call an expert. If you want something done that may or may not work – or may not work properly – or may not work for long, see the bloke in the pub.

So you want a website designed and built for your business. Should you attempt a DIY job or should you call in a professional web designer?

Why not just use any old teenager to design your website?

Although today’s youngsters are using computers before they are potty trained. And know their way around them, like people of a certain age knew the streets near their homes, it doesn’t make them website designers.

Why not build your website yourself?

Have you ever tried to do your own mechanics? Despite being hopeless with mechanics, many years ago a ‘friend’ suggested I adjust the points myself when my car was misbehaving rather than take it to the local garage. Didn’t we all try to fix our cars way back when?

Armed with the trusty handbook, I set about this supposedly easy task. Two hours later I gave up and drove gingerly to the nearest garage. When I went to collect it, the mechanic held out his hand and showed me something rather familiar. “You know what the problem was?” he asked. “Someone has been messing around with the points.” But he didn’t use the word ‘messing’. I trudged out somewhat sheepishly.

Despite all the details in the handbook it still went wrong. Search the internet and there are many and varied sites explaining how simple it is to build your own website. Unfortunately, reading words off a page or looking at pictures does not make you an expert. And those instructions, which could have been written by anybody, may actually do more harm than good.

Only many years of hands-on experience after being trained properly make you an expert. This is certainly no different in the world of professional web design.

What may happen with a homemade website?

So you’ve built your own website and you are feeling rather pleased with yourself, good. What could go wrong?

How do you know if it is a mobile friendly website? Or if there are broken links? Or if it’s easily navigated by a first-time visitor and is a responsive web design? And what about search engine optimisation?

What a good website designer won’t say

OK, the bloke in the pub and your tame teenager have been binned, and you’ve found a website designer (hopefully one with a nice looking website).

I suggest you walk out smartish if they insist the feature you’ve spotted on another website is impossible. Or they won’t show you how, or allow you, to update or administer it yourself. Or, they can’t provide references and examples of other websites they have designed.

Ring Alniro on 01962 659769 or email hello@alniro.com and let an Alniro professional web designer solve all these issues for you.

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