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It goes without saying. If you want your business to survive, let alone flourish, in this digital age you NEED a website. A good one in fact. A WordPress website design.

We’re a funky WordPress website design agency, that produce affordable, but cool, and professional looking sites for you. And we’re proud to admit that WordPress is the best and easiest website content management system to use for your business.

But don’t just take our word for it, even extremely big and famous companies like ebay, LinkedIn and Microsoft use WordPress. So it must be good right?

If that’s not enough to twist your arm, here’s more information on why everyone should be using WordPress for business.

What is WordPress? Isn’t it just for blogs?

When WordPress first hit the World Wide Web in the early noughties, it quickly made a name for itself as being one of the best platforms on the blogging scene.

A popular choice for students, technology enthusiasts and wannabe writers, WordPress helped skyrocket blogging into mainstream culture.

But much like yourself (hopefully), WordPress has grown up too! It has blossomed into a fully-fledged, versatile and developed content management system (CMS). With WordPress, you can now create fully functional websites and mobile apps (and yes WordPress can still be used to create those beloved blogs too).

Who uses it? Why should I use it?

Over 75 million. That’s who uses WordPress. It’s true, there are more than 75 million live WordPress sites, and that number is increasing every day. Feeling a bit left out of the party? Well, you should be.
It’s not too late to join – a WordPress invitation still awaits you!

Because the best thing about WordPress is that it will happily welcome anyone with open arms. Whatever your business, your industry, your values, your style, your interests – a WordPress site will be perfect for you.

They have thousands of design themes (many are free!) which allow you to customise your website to your business needs. Plus, you can simultaneously set up your site and blog to really make your business stand out.

But I have no experience in WordPress Website design?

Don’t panic. Creating a site with WordPress is simple and easy to do. The design themes available allow you to create a professionally looking website without hiring a professional website designer. Plus they come with built-in features and customisation options to make your site even more snazzy.

This means you don’t need any coding skills. (Well to an extent). Because without coding, you are marginally limited to what features and functionality your site could offer.

So if the prospect of creating a website still sounds daunting, you have zero coding skills, and it’s likely to be a tedious chore where you’d rather watch paint dry, our web design agency are more than happy to help.

Because luckily for you, we love designing wicked WordPress websites – it’s our livelihood after all!

Here at Alniro web design in Winchester, we believe creating a great website should be treated as an investment. We produce quality and cost effective sites – so you don’t have to. This means you can spend your time on something you enjoy – like sorting out your taxes!

Our web design Winchester team are a fabulous bunch – we like to think of them as modern miracle makers. They will work with you to understand your business and to ensure that your needs and budget are met. Our creative flair and eye for detail will enable us to create a slick, professional and awesome looking website for your business.

Here are just five benefits of using WordPress for business:


This really comes down to whether you use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. But either way, both are very cost-effective to use.
Although WordPress.com is free if using the Basic Package, it’s more suitable for a casual student blog.

But for business, WordPress.org is best as you get your own domain name and own hosting. It’s free to download, all you have to pay for is the domain and hosting. That will only set you back a few quid each month. That’s probably the same price as your daily morning coffee.

Ease of Use:

Simple to set-up and easy to use, you can get online and get publishing asap. You can create a range of content, such as Pages, Posts, add media, and format it easily. Then with a simple click of a button, your content is published live online.


The beauty of using WordPress means you can create any type of site you wish, be it a small business website, a blog, a news site, an online gallery or a network of websites. Plus, with design themes, plugins and various customisation options you can build a professional and beautiful looking site tailored to you. WordPress sites can also be made mobile friendly and you can build apps too.

Search Engine Optimisation:

Hooray! WordPress is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly! It means it’s compatible with search engines from the offset. But for more advanced SEO management, there are an array of SEO plugins also available to help. Bonus!

New Features:

WordPress are regularly treating their users to lots of new, exciting and cool features and updates to play around with. This means your site will never get old or look out-of-date, so your business will always stay ahead of the game.

Just recently, WordPress launched Virtual Reality onto their sites. The WordPress VR Viewer allows you to create and publish 360° videos and photos. Users will be able to view them much like Google Street images. Pretty cool huh? Well, that’s just the start, as WordPress are hoping to launch more VR features in the future.

Watch this space.

Do you have a WordPress website? Tell us in the comments what you love about WordPress, or if there is something you would love to change.

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